Lady Angelique


Welcome to my realm, a place to explore the deepest darkest aspects of BDSM. I view BDSM as a form of expression, an art form that I have refined as one of life's most indulgent pleasures. Domination is more about psychological control than physical restraints, I exert my control in a way that is natural and omniscient. My inherent air of superiority is such that I relish the harnessing of control, and the reinforcement of the hierarchy.



By way of introduction, I am a naturally dominant lady, exercising power through my seductive beauty and exquisite demeanour. Brought up in a strict upper-middle class public boarding school, I experienced a framework of impeccable discipline that rather than adhering to, I sought to replicate. As I blossomed into my youth, I quickly accepted the male behaviour of gentlemanly chivalry as something that I should deserve and expect.



As I young woman I have come to appreciate the lifestyle that truly befits me, enjoying the many offerings of London's cultural pursuits, including high-fashion and haute couture, theatre and literature, fine dining and of course, sado-masochistic activity. Educated to masters level with plans to pursue a doctorate, my intellectual capacity and striking eloquence is a reflection of my exhilarating, stimulating persona.



While I am not an 'on the scene' fetish practitioner, I am very well versed in the notions of Female Supremacy, with a deep understanding of the delicate interplay between pleasure and pain. As a lady I evoke power through my elegance and femininity, with an underlying sadistic streak that makes for a heady, intoxicating mix.